About us

Strona głównaAbout us

We are a team of experts in many business areas, with large and long-term experience. During all kinds of everyday activities one encounter necessity of consultations in many important and urgent subjects. Working with us enables to focus on fundamental actions. Our solutions are ready to use and we implement them together with client. We always work with full commitment and availability, meet the requirements of our clients as well as keep client information confidential.

We offer professional marketing and PR, consulting, technical consultancy, trainer, conferences, trainings and many others.  We provide complex services – few areas at the same time – as well as single, even minor issues.

Solpin cooperates not only with the biggest companies, leaders of sectors, we are wide open to smaller ones and we have attractive offer for them. Top quality is guaranteed for those who contact us.


Solpin – experts with large and long-term experience

The phrase Solpin comes from:

Sol = solutions
p = professional
in = innovative

The company name defines values that we want to give to our clients.Solpin’s logo presents support for clients in areas in which they feel uncomfortable and have lack of competences that they may encounter in everyday business routine (“ellipsis” that surround sign of Solpin in Greek means “lack of something”).

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